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About Us.

A tasteful collection of goods, small batch, always unique

Curated and Collected.

When in Roam is a Maryland-based, family run operation with big dreams and small business sensibilities. Started by Sugar Taylor, a long established multi-media designer at DC based firm, Sugar Taylor Co., the goal was to release some of her custom designed textiles, art prints, and special items like the Onyx Tarot Deck.

We could not resist adding some of the most eye catching small batch goods we could curate. Currently, we are in the process of renovating a 14 ft. box truck, and we cannot wait to pop up inI a city near you!

A combination of believing that we have great taste, loving variety, and harnessing a nomadic free-spirit, (ok, and because COVID)---- we decided that opening a mobile boutique that does not have to be tied down to any location or collection just felt like a good move. 

We very much have a what you see is what you get, here today, gone tomorrow kind of energy. We love small businesses with a great story, anything minority-owned, and unusual, colorful design. 

Thank you for checking us out!